The story

About me

I'm Kevin, a wanderlust and open minded guy from Sweden, with the diagnosis DRD4-7R, who value my time more than money. When it comes to traveling, I have over 4200 nights of experience in everything from cardboard box to suite, 2,8 million kilometers of vehicle driving, and over 3500 hours of train, boat and plane traveling. I also have life experience of hiking, wilderness and other alternative lifestyles. Without hesitation, I call myself an adventurer who knows almost every tips and tricks.

I grew up in a "big city life", but also with a log house in the mountains, caravan holidays and international trips. In addition to that, I have experienced many aspects of how a life can be. In 2005 I became homeless and lived in the street for a while. From there I got up, worked 24-7 and built two what I thought was "dream homes", but it gave me nothing. It wasn't what I was looking for in my life.

A few years ago I made a choice, to do what 95% of the population don't. I got rid of all the negative people who only took energy from me. I decided to follow my dreams, develop my entrepreneurship & become a traveling storyteller. In the spring of 2019 I bought and converted my van, to later, in July become a full time Van Lifer and Urban Explorer.

Known from the Swedish TV-series Nedsläckt Land?

If you live in Sweden you probably recognize me from this SVT-series. I am glad I got involved in the program, it suited me perfectly to be exposed to this kind of experiment. "The electricity due to a solar storm disappeared throughout Sweden for a long time. We were 10 participants who would survive in the society without electricity or running water". I noticed in just a few days how handicapped you are if you live a "common city life", not prepared at all. Okay, this was an experiment in the summer, but imagine if this actually happens in the winter, with much worse conditions. I am a minimalist, and this got me thinking even more of everything that people take for granted, in a world which is becoming more and more destroyed every day. When you think about what really matters in life, it's ultimately what you've experienced and how much love you spread. Owning less is great, wanting less is better.

When was the idea of "The More Life Project" born?

I have always traveled, experienced and been motivated by people who think outside the box. In the recent years, van life has gone from being classified as white trash, to a growing inspirational popularity, mainly by people who are aware of how the earth is treated. When I after much traveling, returned to Stockholm in Januari 2019, this idea came up in my head.

What's the purpose of this project?

It's more of an experience than just an easily explained purpose. This will motivate o lot of people to live in a way that is better for our world. Honestly, what makes you happy? A garage full of things you never use, or travel, feel freedom and actually live? This is not a regular charter trip, but a project based on a will that comes from within.

Where will you go?

I have visited many places around the globe, and in terms of a project like this, Europe is a good place to start. There is much to explore that doesn't belong to the ordinary things you see as vacationing tourist. In addition, there are really beautiful places, far from stress and hustle, where the Boho culture and freedom can be experienced for real. However, Europe is not a limitation.

Isn't a project like this expensive?

Nothing beats wealth in experiences and memories. The best invest you can do is in yourself - not gadgets. If something that you don't really need costs €100.- and is on sale for €75.- and you but it, you have spent money, not saved. I came to a point in my life when I no longer thought it's worth having "what everyone has." What is expensive is probably the life of an average person. Working month after month to own a home that you're still not in, and a car which is parked and not used 23 hours a day, what's the point of that? Watch this video and you'll understand.

There is a limit of things to bring, right?

Everything you own, owns you back. It owns your money, your time, your attention, and space in your home. Things that you haven't used in a year, get rid of it. The more I travel, the more minimalist I become. Right before I started this project I sold my home and 95% of everything I owned. Today I have nothing that keeps me bound to a certain place. Different comfort - More life.

Is this project a long vacation?

To me, vacation is a word I never use. I live a life that I don't need to take a vacation from. This project is a mix of free living and unconventional lifestyle. Of course I will face challenges as well, but I will probably do better than what an average person does if the electricity disappears for a week.

What if someone wants to join you?

There is at least one like-minded person out there, who also likes to travel. Perhaps someone who thought about van life and adventures, but didn't dare to take the step. The most important thing is that the person has a will that comes from within. However, a project like this, or van life over all, is not for all kind of people. Not everyone is ready to change, and in one way start a new life. Most people choose to live in their fragile comfort zone. I believe in the term 'birds of a feather', so if you're interested, knock on my door and we take it from there.

What will happen after 1000 days?

To be honest, I don't even know what happens tomorrow. The project is based on being performed regardless of weather and mood. I will give you a very wise and clear answer, probably in form of a video, on day 1000.